Article 1- Name and affiliations

Section 1

The official name of the organization is "Arkansas Association on Higher Education and Disability" (Ark-AHEAD).

Section 2

This is a professional career and occupational association.

Section 3

Ark-AHEAD will be nationally affiliated with the national Association on Higher Education and Disability and related organizations as deemed appropriate. (General members of Ark-AHEAD are not required to also be members of the Association on Higher Education and Disability.  The Ark-AHEAD affiliate representative is required to be a member of the Association on Higher Education and Disability.)


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Article 2- Purpose

The purpose of ARK-AHEAD is to:

A. Facilitate the exchange of information among persons serving students with disabilities in postsecondary education in Arkansas including community and technical colleges, universities and their affiliated branches, and continuing education programs.

B. Encourage the coordination of efforts among all postsecondary and secondary institutions for inclusion of persons with disabilities in programs and services.

C. Facilitate postsecondary educational opportunities for people with disabilities.

D. Facilitate communication and coordination with other agencies involved in efforts related to the education and rehabilitation of postsecondary students with disabilities.

E. Advance high standards of professional practice, conduct and ethics among people serving postsecondary students with disabilities.

F. Conduct educational and professional meetings and conferences for people serving postsecondary students with disabilities.

G. Be an effective voice for people serving postsecondary students with disabilities, and to promote appreciation for these professional activities.

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Article 3- Membership

Section 1- Intent

It is the intention of ARK-AHEAD to make membership available to any interested person serving postsecondary students with disabilities through a postseconday institution or agency, or a student who anticipates working with students with disabilities in a postsecondary setting.

Section 2 – Good standing

To be a member in Good standing is a person must

a. be professionally engaged in or planning a career in serving postsecondary students with disabilities through a postsecondary institution or agency and express an interest in the general purposes of ARK-AHEAD

b. make application to join ARK-AHEAD

c. pay appropriate dues, or be eligible for membership through an institutional membership.

Section 3- Categories and Dues

Four categories of membership shall include Institutional, Professional-school, Professional-agency, and Student.

a. Institutional

Professionals at postsecondary institutions who are serving students with disabilities may be eligible for membership through their school’s institutional membership. A $25 annual membership fee entitles that institution to up to three memberships. A $50 annual membership fee entitles that institution to up to six memberships. (Institutions wishing to have more than six members must enroll additional employees at the Professional membership rate of $10.)

b. Professional- school

A professional at a postsecondary institution who is serving students with disabilities, but whose institution does not have institutional membership, may join in the Professional-school category for a $10 annual rate.

c. Professional- agency

Professionals at agencies involved in efforts related to the education and rehabilitation of postsecondary students with disabilities may join in the Professional-agency category for a $10 annual rate.

d. Student

A student in a postsecondary education program who is interested in pursuing a career working with students with disabilities in a postsecondary educational institution may join in the Student category for a $5 annual rate.

Section 4- Rights and privileges

Members in good standing shall be entitled to vote at meetings, to attend training events and conferences sponsored or provided by ARK-AHEAD, and to participate in all activities open to the membership.

Section 5- Continuation of membership

Members who join as Institutional or Professional members may continue their Professional membership regardless of change in employment and/or responsibility.

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Article 4 – Meetings

A.    At least one (1) business meeting will be held annually. Date, time and place of meetings shall be determined by the Board.

B.    Special meetings may be called by the President, or a simple majority of the Board. A petition signed by 10% of the voting members may call a special meeting.

C.    Notice of each meeting shall be given to the general membership not less than 30 days in advance.

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Article 5- Administration

Section 1 – Board of Directors

The Board of Directors will be elected by the membership to serve as a policy-making body and be responsible for carrying out the affairs of ARK-AHEAD. It will be empowered to do all things necessary for conducting the affairs of ARK-AHEAD consistent with the Constitution.

Section 2 – Board make-up and duties

The Board will consist of the following elected officers and representatives, and the Immediate Past-President.

1. President- The President presides over all meetings and conducts the business of each meeting. The president arranges for training, as appropriate, to be conducted in conjunction with each regularly scheduled meeting. The President (or his/her designee) is also the official representative of Ark-AHEAD to related organizations as deemed appropriate.

2. Vice President- The Vice President is also the President elect and automatically takes the chair at the end of the fiscal year. Other responsibilities include presiding over meetings in the President’s absence, and coordinating the annual conference.

3. Secretary- The Secretary is also the Information Manager and is responsible for taking and distributing minutes (including attendance rosters) of Board meetings and regular meetings. Additional responsibilities include maintaining resource material for ARK-AHEAD.

4. Treasurer- The Treasurer is responsible for monitoring the budget and financial activities. Other responsibilities include: maintaining the active membership list, presenting a general accounting report at each meeting, and annual accounting report to the Board.

5. Two-year Schools Representative

6. Private School Representative

7. Agency Representative

8. Two Members-at-Large

9. Webmaster

Section 3 – Board meetings

A simple majority of the Board including either the President or the Vice-President will be necessary to conduct a business meeting of the ARK-AHEAD Executive Board.

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Article 6- Terms/ Nominations/ Elections

Section 1 – Terms

All Board member terms are for one year. All Board members may be re-elected. New Board members will assume positions July 1.

Section 2 – Nominations

A nomination committee consisting of the Immediate Past-President and two members (neither of whom may be on the Board) will present a slate of officers to the membership prior to June 30.

Section 3 – Elections

Board members will be elected by a majority voting members prior to June 30. Voting method will be chosen by the President.

Section 4 – Replacements

In the event a Board member can not complete a term of office, the President may appoint a replacement to complete that term from the members in good standing. In the event the President cannot complete a term of office, the Vice-President will automatically move into the President position and appoint a new Vice-President. For the position of Vice-President, the appointment must be confirmed by a majority vote at the next regular meeting.

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Article 7- Fiscal Affairs

Section 1 – Expectations

It is expected that each member’s employer, or each member, will assist in defraying the costs associated with participation in ARK-AHEAD.

Section 2 – Fiscal year

Each fiscal year will begin on July 1 and end on June 30, with all memberships coming due at that time.

Section 3 – Deposits and Expenditures

The Board is responsible for managing funds in accordance with their fiduciary responsibilities. Funds of the organization will be spent exclusively on activities, services, and products directly related to, or in support of, the mission of Ark-AHEAD.

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Article 8- Amendments

Section 1

Amendments to this Constitution may be made by members in good standing by presenting a written proposal to the Board. The Board must approve proposed amendments before presenting them to the membership for adoption. If approved, the proposed amendment will be presented to the membership for a vote.

Section 2

An amendment must be ratified by two-thirds of the membership in attendance at a regular meeting.

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Article 9 – Dissolution

Should need arise to dissolve the organization of Ark-AHEAD, all remaining funds will be used to pay debts incurred by the organizations. After all debts are satisfied, the remaining funds will be disbursed in a manner which supports the mission of Ark-AHEAD.

Adopted April 5, 1996
Amended September 30, 1999
Amended June 1, 2001
Amended February 15, 2008